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No need to unplug, dismantle, break something or drop it trying to get it into your vehicle.

Applied Science Degree in Software Development

Former IT Support Services Contractor for Soba Recovery Center.

We offer you safety, security and peace of mind when it comes to handling all of your computer, software and network needs.

Our client list includes both retired and active duty military, law enforcement, attorneys, realtors, medical professionals and others.

Most work is completed in 48 hours or less depending on the equipment and the issues that need to be addressed.

Do you have a unit with an old unsupported Windows© Operating System on it? Ever thought about installing a Linux Mint OS to make it secure and usable once again? It is very similar to Windows. I am running it on five desktops on my network that vary in age back to 2003. It comes with built in ClamAV Antivirus and Gufw Firewall. I recommend this version for the novice Linux user.

I have breathed new life into everything from all makes and models of desktops, laptops and MacBooks© down to an IBook G3 with 128MG Ram, 40 Gig hard drive operating on OSX 4 that was found in a dumpster. I was able to get it running, perform a full backup onto a thumb drive of the contents, then notify the original owner if he would cover the cost of data recovery he could (and did) come pick it up. Afterwards, performed a full wipe (35 passes), then reinstalled the OSX. It is now a backup unit for a muscled up IBook G4 running 1.5GB RAM and 100 gig hard drive on OSX 5 that was another salvage job which runs SETI software 24/7 on my network.

In some cases I have even been able to restore water logged devices.

We are here to serve all your computer, software and network needs!